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Fishing Pro Shop News weekly prize draw in it’s 3rd week.

Fishing Pro Shop News weekly prize draw in it’s 3rd week.

Fishing Pro Shop News weekly prize draw is in it’s 3rd week now and we are looking for more entrants.

The weekly prize of any TWO MYDO Fishing Lures has been going down a treat – the new SS Spoons being the favourite choice for the winners so far.

Ok, so please share this post, to the fisher people you love and care about, so they can also get in oln The Fishing Pro Shop and MYDO Fishing Lures action – and stand a chance to win the R1000 cash prize at the end of July.

The link to join is right here and the form is built right into the home page in the left sidebar.

Now that’s worth sharing! And sharing is caring!

All new Halco Max 190 at The Fishing Pro Shop in June

All new Halco Max 190 at The Fishing Pro Shop in June

“Right, we have some news in from Halco. They have released a larger and more fierce version of their Max 130, also rigged with those fierce Decoy inline hooks. The inline hooks have been a long in coming revelation as they definitely do less damage than trebles. The hook up is usually more solid. Making for easy and quick, pain-free releases.” – Shonalanga

Halco Tackle Company is proud to present the newest offering in the line, the big brother to the Max 130, the all new Max 190.

This award winning bibless minnow has been re-worked by Halco, and is now available in 190mm (7.5 inches).

The Max 190 has an incredibly wide effective operating envelope, working well from a fast cast and retrieve speed, all the way to a 14 knot troll. This lure dives to two metres, and the slender rear profile allows for increased hook clearance, vital for effective hook ups on pelagic species.

The larger Max 190 features #7/0 inline singles, allowing larger hook gape and less leverage on tackle exerted from the fighting fish, as well as increasing angler and fish safety when handling large pelagic species on board.

This lure is forward weighted for a long cast into the strongest of headwinds without tumbling. Weighing in at 163 grams (5.75 ounces) with ultra thick walls and a reinforced nose for extra strength, the Max 190 is cast in Halco’s high tech polymers – this lure is the ultimate in strength and durability, reflecting the usual high quality Halco standard.

The Max 190 is available in 11 great fish catching colours, and is due to hit shops in June this year.

Colours: T113, R3, R15, H50, H53, H65, H71, H79, H81, H85, R49

Southern African Trout season off to a bang…by Daniel Factor

Southern African Trout season off to a bang….by Daniel Factor

Trout fisherman been flocking to their favourite Stillwater through the country.  As it happens every year the weekly cold fronts always fall over the weekends. This has caused a few frustrating days for some but with some hard work and some extra effort guys have been well rewarded.

The weed along the banks have started to die so that famous dark olive colour has been the game changer when conditions made things a little more technical.


My favourite way to fish early session is a long leader off a floating line. Attach a 9ft Stealth 3 x leader to a section of Airflo G5  5x 5lb Floro with a couple of droppers. Fish a team of buzzers and nymphs on my droppers and my point fly will always be a weighted bugger or damsel. The weighted fly helps with turnover of the leader. The weighted flies also ensures that the flies hand at different columns throughout the water.

If there is a ripple on the water it gives you a licence to fish a lot slower a the ‘bobing’ of the line on the surface will create just enough movement to trigger a take. If the water is like glass can use a slow figure eight or a pull and pause retrieve.

I have been stomaching pumping a couple fish over the past two weeks. In some waters I have found a huge concentration of snails and caddis. If things get tough fish slower and deeper.

Don’t forget your bright Christmas tree flies for the fresh stockies. They smarting up pretty quick, when they stock chasing go straight to the floating line a long leader.  I defiantly found using lighter tipper (5x) produces a lot more takes when fish are under pressure. I use a #5 rod to protect the lighter tipper. The new Airflo G5 is super strong, thin and supple and perfect for this kid of fishing.


Floating line (bank fishing)

#5 Stealth infinity

Stealth X2 reel

Airflo Super dri bandit  #6 floating

Airflo G5 5 X Floro

Sinking line (TUBE)

#6 Stealth Bomber

Stealth X2 reel

Airflo Six Sense 6/7 – Fast int and DI3

Airflo G5 4 X Floro


Olive damsels

Papa Roach

Nymph (#!4)


White/ coral patterns

JP’s 8 Game fish in the Umzimkulu

JP’s 8 Game fish in the Umzimkulu

JP Bartholomews 8 Game fish in the Umzimkulu this weekend, were ALL taken on artificials – plastics.

Losing a huge fish on a MYDO LuckShot #1, his 30lb braid being cut off on the rocks way down deep by a wily Rock Salmon, and a few more bad mannered fish – the following gallery is what JP was able to get out of the water and photograph, before being healthily released

All JP’s fish are lucky enough to go straight back into the water uneaten or harmed.

For more incredible JP Bartholomew stories, head on over to, where you can read a collection of JP’s incredible angling antics. Kingfish on fly. A ray on a Rapala. Huge kob…


JP Bartholomew at the Umzimkulu

JP Bartholomew at the Umzimkulu

JP Bartholomew spent a weekend testing the waters of the Umzimkulu estuary system, down in Port Shepstone. He specialises in lure and fly fishing and doesn’t touch a bait.

And his catches prove conclusively that well fished lures, catch far better quality fish than even live bait. On his first night he bagged 4 fish in 12 hours. A rock salmon, and three lovely kob.

All of which JP healthily returned to the water, to live another day. Kudos JP.

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