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Tiger Fishing in Kasane – by Charles Stewart

Tiger Fishing in Kasane – by Charles Stewart

After winning a prize to spend three days at Ichingo lodge on the Chobe River in the corporate challenge last year, it was four very excited anglers that flew out to Kasane.

After clearing customs in Botswana and Namibia , as Ichingo is on the Namibian side, we eventually arrived at the lodge. The lodge is on the river bank with a lovely dinning and lounge area. Accommodation is in luxury en suite tents and is superb.

We had decided that we would only fly fish and we all had nine weight rods with matching wade reels. We employed various lines from 300gr sink tips to full sink s7. Daniel Factor had tied us each a box of beautifull tiger flies and this boosted our confidence. The water levels was good with the flood plains draining. The boats were ideal, having casting platforms in the bow and stern. The first afternoon was rather quite with only two small fish being landed and one foul hooked.

The next morning found us heading up the Kasai channel. I was using a black and red clouser tied on a 1/0 Gamakatsu hook and on my sixth cast had a solid hook up. It is essential that one strip strike a tiger with the rod flat and this ensured that the fish was solidly hooked. The fish jumped a few times and then settled in to a determined sub surface fight. The fish eventually came to the boat and I realised that the landing net was much to small. Raymond tried to net it, but the net was much to small! On the second attempt he managed to get the head of the tiger into the net and lifted the fish onto the boat. The tiger weighted 14lb and Daniel and I pretty excited!

Tiger Fishing in Kasane
Tiger Fishing in Kasane

We were sure that this was the beginning of big things to come. Daniel managed one smaller fish and lost a good as it was being chased by a crocodile!

That evening the temperature dropped and a cold wind started blowing from the south. The water temperature dropped to 20 degrees and the fishing became very difficult.

Gareth did manage to catch a nice fish the next day with Jarred getting a few small fish. The last morning session proved fruitless and it was a rather disappointed four anglers that flew back to Johannesburg

Charles Stewart

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Small stream trout fishing in the Drakensberg

Small stream trout fishing in the Drakensberg

by Johan Wessels

The Drakensberg mountain range is undoubtedly my favourite part of our beautiful country, the majesty of the sheer elevation of the peaks, the lush valleys and the cool, crystal clear trout filled streams always find a way to rejuvenate me.
For the purpose of this article I focus only on the Central Berg, although it all applies small stream trout fishing in the Drakensberg right through. The area stretching from the Amphitheatre in the north to Giants Castle in the south.
My favorite rivers are the following. The Mahai and Tugela (Royal Natal National Park) and the Mhlambonja and Masongwane (Didima, Cathedral Park). The beauty of these river are the ease of access and a varied selection of accommodation, from very reasonable and safe camping to the absolute finest five star hotels.
Most of the other rivers in the area have rainbow trout in abundance and with constant rumours of the mysterious brown trout never far away. There seems to be a migration of yellowfish upstream during summer and one assumes that this is for spawning purposes.
My favoured techniques for these trout will always be “dry” flies as the rivers are mostly “thin”(shallow) and crystal clear and the sheer exhilaration of watching a trout rise to your offering at close range is something that cannot be explained. My favoured dry fly will surely be a Klinkhammer in black or olives with flies like Adams, DDD and RAB not far behind
When they fail to rise to a well presented dry they will often succumb to a dry and dropper presentation. With this technique I prefer to fish a very buoyant dry fly, often one tied that incorporates synthetic material such as foam. The reason for this being how frustrating in can be when the dropper continually “drowns” the dry fly. Good flies to use here are flies like: Beetles, hoppers and other terrestrials with the preferred droppers for me will include the following: Zak nymph, GRHE, Hare and Copper and the PTN.
Due to the topography of the region and the high rainfall the rivers can often rise quite quickly and this does tend to put a damper on the effectiveness of my two favored techniques but these will still be game in the fast flowing waters if you switch to Chech Nymphing.
Chech Nymphing can generally be described as a very accurate and sensitive short range presentation with heavy weighted flies. These heavy flies allow you to get down near the river bed where the trout will be hiding from the fast flowing waters.
The fish in these streams are generally small with a fish over two pound being a real trophy, so for this reason presentation is the most important! I suggest that a 2/3 Weight rod with best floating line that you can afford and 5-7X fluorocarbon tippet being ideal for most of what you will encounter.
With the water being as clear as it is and with the fish often under your rod tip it pays to wear clothing that matches the foliage of the immediate area.
Living in Africa we have all become accustomed to the dangers that surround us, my biggest drama fishing the ‘Berg has been with snakes. I always seem to come across them but they always seem more surprised by my presence than me of them… So beware!
In closing the area of the Central Berg is not only amazingly beautiful, within easy access and reasonable accommodations but also filled with trout…

Small Stream Trout Fishing in the Drakensberg

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