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The perfect storm in Maputo last night —

The perfect storm in Maputo last night The weather and swell forecasters never had a clue. Forecasts for the Maputo zone were favourable all week. There were signs of some menace as the forecasters jumpbled weather windows around, but nothing really stuck out. Not even on the synoptics. All the elements in place – surprise…

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KBE Anglers from Dubai fishing with FishBazaruto


Captain Duarte Rato checks in with another action packed report featuring his latest charter out from Dubai.

Once again, the catches and imagery are mind blowing. This is really the right time of the year for the huge black marlin Bazaruto Island is infamous for.

Along the way, a bumper run of yellowfin tuna up to and maybe even over the 50kg mark have been burning drags up and down the Inhambane coast.

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Late winter Carp Haven session

Late winter Carp Haven session

On arrival friday afternoon at Carp Haven, we decided to first set up camp. We had our first rods in by 9pm, our game plan was based on fishing one rod as natural as possible, we took hempseed and snail mix from Dynamite baits. The second rod was loaded with a Dynamite Giant Squid Boilie (20mm) and a White Chocolate pop up (15mm) ,we call this the snowman rig. We used some crushed Dynamite Squid and Vanilla Boilies topped with marine halibut pellets also from Dynamite Baits. The first night passed without getting any bites. With summer getting closer we knew that the shallower water will warm up during the day ,and that this would be a great place to target the fish as they move into the shallower water by day to feed. Our lines were very close to the opposite reed banks, fishing in water just over 1 meter deep. On Saturday morning just pass 9 am we had our first run on the Boilie rod and landed a nice fish of 12.21kg.

Just before 10 am my friend Francois Sindin had a run on a Sweetcorn tiger top with an artificial maize gluged in DB Baits Sweet corn gel. His fish weighed in just over the 10kg mark. By this time the wind picked up and was blowing at 18 to 20 kph, which made it difficult getting our lines back to the same area again.

We lost another 3 fish in snags during Saturday. Johan Barkhuizen landed his first fish of the session on the all natural Snail and Hemp bait from Dynamite.
This was a very difficult fish to land as the swam through a lot of weeds.
Jason Snodgrass was up next with a stunning fish of 12.72 kg landed on a KD rig with two floating fake maize. He fed crushed boilies and pellets over this rig from Dynamite baits.

On Sunday morning we landed 2 more fish before we had to pack up and go home.
Daytime definitely produced more fish, it was clear that the fish moved into the shallows during the day to bask in the sun and to make the most of warm shallow water.
Nice double on sunday morning before we packed up.

Tight lines
Ruan Erasmus
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